Alison Sarah Pym - Thérapeute Relationnelle


About me


It was during my first job in a lingerie shop that I discovered a passion for helping others, especially when it came to helping customers express their feelings on intimate issues and be generally more accepting of themselves.

Human beings are driven by emotions and they need love, both given and received. Unfortunately love is not always easy to find.

My love for others and my innate romanticism help me find the right solution for you.

Thank you for your trust!


I have always been passionate about people, about human relationships, and I am a graduate of the “Love Intelligence” academy. I specialise in helping single people find love and develop their feelings, and in helping couples find the symbiosis they are looking for in their emotional expression and intimacy.


Of course, different people have different limits, and I am adept at listening to your desires with respect and without judgement. Together, we will find ways for you to reach love and happiness in the healthiest way possible.


It is not uncommon for several people in the same social circle to consult me. In such cases I will always remain discreet, without confirming or denying any information I receive from any party. I practice absolute professional confidentiality with all my clients.


I have a fully ethical approach and reserve the right to withhold or withdraw my services if circumstances so require. if this is the case I will give a reason to make sense of this decision. When following a couple, I remain independent and impartial at all times, helping the two of you find solutions together and not being an ally to one of the other.