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How to choose a bra?

First of all, why choose your lingerie properly? Whether you wear it or not, it is VITAL to feel good under your clothes in order to feel good, comfortable and attractive.

By the way, this is the first step on the way to “how to seduce” 😉

Furthermore, a successful seduction leads to a beautiful start of a relationship!

There is a big trend to wear less and less lingerie, and movements such as “freetitties” contribute a lot to this. And that’s fine. There are different schools of thought about wearing lingerie. It’s good to ask the question, we don’t move forward without questioning and questioning. Reflection and debate allow us to move forward Here we are not talking about that.

Here I am talking to people who want to wear lingerie whatever it is.



With or without underwire?

Often people will say “I can’t stand underwires, I want underwireless”. So be it. However, it is often a problem of size and/or shape (except in exceptional cases). Unfortunately, there is no magic guide, you have to try.

The only imperative to feel good is the following:
When you wear your underwired bra, stand in profile, lift your arm slightly and observe the following: does the  underwire go into the armpit? If so, it is the right size. If not, it is not the right size.


A point about sizes:

Let’s take the example 95C. 95 = the back size. C = cup size.

Concerning the cup. 95C = 90D = 85E = 100B etc. (When a plastic surgeon does a breast augmentation or reduction  and says “you’ll get a cup size ….”: it doesn’t make sense).
And besides, except for silicone breasts, the size changes regularly.


What shape?

I come back to what I said before, indeed the size is important, but the shape can play a role.
Basket, bandeau, plunging, enveloping, push-up, uplift, I could go on. I will simply give you some guidelines.

Generous bust: choose models that wrap around your chest, with thick straps. Don’t look at the model without trying it on, all that fabric may not be very aesthetically pleasing, try them on, it makes sense.

Medium breasts: corbels and bandeaux are better, these models reshape your breasts and give a nice cleavage, the idea is that the part between the two breasts is thick, it helps to restructure.

Discreet breasts: it all depends on the effect you are looking for. To enhance, or simply to decorate. Either push-up or a triangular shape.

Which material?

For sensitive people, choose natural materials. But otherwise, treat yourself to lace!

That’s it! That’s all for today. Have a nice day.