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How to choose briefs?

First of all, why choose your underwear properly? Whether you wear them or not, it is hugely important to feel good under your clothes to feel good, comfortable, seductive.
One person can feel good with nothing, another with a lot of lace, another with single-coloured microfibre. No matter what, diversity of taste makes our world more beautiful and richer. Find what suits you and do as you please.

(psssst, ladies, good boxers are a sign of finding the perfect man – The perfect partner means the start of a relationship 😉 )

There is no “magic trend” to follow.

Today, I am addressing people with external genitalia.

(For internal genitalia click here)


Boxer or briefs? Briefs or G-string?


The most important thing is to choose the right size. It may sound silly and simple, but it really isn’t. To find out the right size, you have to try things on. There’s no use in following online guides.

I know there are different schools of thought about what “crushes” and what “holds”. But what really makes a difference is having enough room and support to avoid friction. A shape that fits one person will not fit the next, and this can change with age.


The only thing where there is a real difference is the G-string, because of its shape, it inevitably goes in the buttocks. Either you have to get used to it, or if you want an “invisible” effect, the most practical is a seamless boxer-short.
I kindly remind you that the size at rest is not the same as at attention… It is not a question of pride, make sure you feel good.

If I had to make a recommendation → boxer-shorts, Calvin Klein or David Beckham.

What fabric?

Natural materials are recommended to allow better air circulation, so cotton. This does not prevent synthetic materials from being very pleasant, such as microfibre (which can often be invisible underclothing).

For more aesthetic models, synthetic materials are inevitable. In any case, good hygiene is essential to feel good, to be clean and to make people want to wear them!

And that’s it! That’s all for today. Have a nice day.