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How to choose your panties?

First of all, why choose your lingerie properly? Whether you wear them or not, it is hugely important to feel good under your clothes in order to feel good, comfortable and seductive.

By the way, this is the first step on the way to “how to seduce” 😉

Furthermore, a successful seduction leads to a beautiful start of a relationship!

One person can feel good with nothing, another with a lot of lace, another with single-coloured microfibre. No matter what, the diversity of taste makes our world more beautiful and richer.


Find what suits you and do as you please. There is no “magic trend” to follow.

Today, I’m addressing people with internal genitalia.

(For bras click here and for external genitalia click here).


Panties or shorties? G-string or thong?


The most important thing is to choose the right size. It may sound silly and simple like that, but it really isn’t. Especially since sizes can vary. Who hasn’t heard “this model fits small” or “ah but this fits differently”? And does the normal size exist? Seemingly not, it doesn’t exist.

Don’t rely on your jeans size, and don’t rely on the size on the label. TRY IT ON. If you wear a size 6 jean but your panties are a 12, it’s ok, it doesn’t matter, just cut the label off and we’ll leave it at that. The most important thing is that you feel good.

If your thong is a S and you like the shorty but it fits you in L, the same logic applies. The number means nothing. You have to feel good. I even invite you to take the size 8 thong and compare it to the size 12 shorty and you will surely see that the waist size is the same…


So I’ll just explain the different shapes.


They cut the buttocks, if it has an elastic it will show under your clothes, it can be seamless or without elastic. This is the simplest form, we are far from the “granny panties”, there can be very nice models nowadays.


the seam reaches below the buttock. This is very trendy in 2021, it has been going on for a few years. It’s easier to  make it invisible under clothes and still have detailed designs.


Will it make a comeback? I don’t think so, the thong is replacing it. A G-string is simply a string that goes into the buttocks.


Yes, the thong and the G-string are very similar. The thong tends to be more elaborate, to have a thicker waistband, less sharp, and it is not a string but a rather thin strip of fabric.


What fabric?

If your main concern is that it’s invisible under your clothes, don’t overthink it, go for microfibre. And if you want to wear it under white clothes, you should choose a material that is the same colour as your skin (not white). Some reds are also invisible under white (don’t take my word for it, go test it out!)

Otherwise, on the genital area, choose cotton. There’s no need to have 100% cotton, often the lacy models have a cotton part in the crotch region.

And that’s it! That’s all for today. Have a nice day.