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Today I’d like to talk about self-image.

The full story of how I came to this article is at the bottom of the page.

Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and said “I’d change that”? What are you trying to change? The shape of something? A birthmark? A scar? Wrinkles? To what end? Where does this urge come from? 

Here’s what I suggest: stop the clichéd advice.

If I tell you that what you want to get rid of actually emphasises your uniqueness and individual beauty is cliché, so I won’t say it. You already know that, you’ve already heard that. (If you didn’t know that, then I’m telling you, it’s true, you can stop reading). 

If you find it hard to believe, then I suggest you take the pressure off and take concrete action: 

Instead of spending thousands on surgery, make-up, or even using filters and photoshop: change the trivial things.

What does this mean you may ask

Change the way you do your hair, change the style of your shirt, wear that piece of jewellery you never wear because you don’t know what occasion to wear it for. Wear a hat, change your hat or stop wearing one altogether if you wear one all the time. Shake things up a bit. 

You’ll tell me that there’s no point to this “Alison Sarah, if I don’t like my nose, why change my shirt? It won’t hide my nose”. I agree, and to this I say that your nose only matters to you… Many people share the same or similar nose and don’t care. The point of getting you to change your shirt is to get people to notice you and focus on that and not something else “I love your shirt, it suits you”. This way, you will see that people see what YOU are focusing on. If you don’t think about that flaw, they won’t either. I’m sure it will suddenly seem way less important.

Keep taking care of yourself if you like it. Keep working out if you like it. Stick to your beauty routine. IF YOU LIKE IT. Don’t do it because you feel you have to. Don’t do it for others. Do it for yourself. I promise you, if you do it for you, the right people will come to you.

That’s all ! Have a great day.

I am outraged! 

Happy, I found a new gadget that I was ready to use for my future videos.

To use it I have to go through an app, so far so good.

When I activated the app I realised that there is a filter. No big deal, I like instagram and snapchat, I know the principle, it’s fun to see one’s self differently (not to say “perfectly”). Searching in the settings I see that it’s not just one filter but several changes to my face! (Chin, eyes, nose, skin and so on). I deactivated them all (in total about 10, obviously I’m not to the taste of the application).

There is NO way to permanently change these “adjustments”, the default settings force me to change my face (even my age) every time I use it! 

Beyond the various networks that offer optional filters, this app tells me by default that I have to change the shape of my face.

I can’t use the gadget without this darned app telling me all the flaws in my body and face. 

See the difference in the picture.

It’s the most disgusting thing about the world we live in. We are encouraged to lie about our appearance and/or we are confronted with the fact that we are ugly!

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