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Social Networks

There is a current trend of spending hours on social networks. Swiping can have several kinds of consequences on your behavior, and it is with this that you have to juggle in order to not let yourself get overwhelmed.

What to take with a grain of salt.

We are in the era of “I don’t care”. That is to say that it is imperative to think of yourself and to love yourself before others. This translates into publications with all sorts of “#” such as #idontneedaman, #dontcare etc. …

What will be the impact?

At first, it can lead to 20-25 year olds to give more importance to other things than their love lives.

This can be very positive, teaching young people to prioritize different aspects of their lives and to have a healthy relationship with themselves and those around them.

Thus, building people with a little more independence.

It is a fight against the influence of old movies that gave the impression that your life is not successful if you are not married by 24.

Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the adjustment is not too great and avoid precisely not to show an unrealistic image of who you are. The kind of sentence that can be observed is also “if you don’t love yourself, how can someone else love you?” This one can be interpreted in two ways.

Either it is healthier to accept all the facets of your personality. Or, it is necessary to correct what you do not like. It is this second interpretation that should be taken with a grain of salt. You will see that daring to show yourself in your true light will be much more beneficial, even if it sometimes shines less brightly.

The good influence

Fortunately we see the emergence of accounts such as “The Power of Attraction” and “The Secret” which celebrate this kind of message clearly, they explain that you should not have regrets or fears but that you should be proud of your journey and that you just have to act if you want to get something.

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