Alison Sarah Pym - Thérapeute Relationnelle


A word
on my approach

Everybody has their own journey.

I feel lucky to have experienced and trained in many different types of coaching, therapies, etc, firstly, in France and England with what we can call “traditional methods” and secondly in Thailand with more “spiritual/yogic methods”.

Some of which have worked for me, and others not so much. So, my intention is to help you by only using what I have found to be efficient.

I do this by going on a journey with you that helps both of us get to what makes you “you” and what makes you “tick” and  understanding what those concepts mean.

On this journey you will learn how to meet your boundaries, respect them and understand how to move them healthily so that you can get to your romantic objective, by finding the right partner and right relationship for you.