Alison Sarah Pym - Thérapeute Relationnelle

What category am I?

There are two types of people.
People who fit into a category. And people who don’t.
Which one are you?

Don’t read more to find out.
No, seriously, this isn’t about that. In fact, it’s about the exact opposite.

Why do you need to fit into a box? And why do other people need to too? Modern psychology has made a point of categorizing society. Type A, Type B, ENFJ, introvert, extravert, ADHD, the list goes on.

Why? Because it makes it easier to understand behaviour. As humans, it’s our curiosity that sets us apart from other animals. And that is splendid. Sometimes, it’s comforting to know that what we are doing isn’t abnormal.

However, with this in mind. You will never find your perfect man, or start a relationship with this type of thinking.

Trying to understand yourself is a beautiful journey. You are unique and don’t fit in a single category, and neither does the person you are dating.

Let yourself be, let them be, and admire what beautiful relationships you create by doing this. Only communication and zero judging.

So actually, there are two types of people : the ones who believe in categories and don’t go forward with their lives. And the ones who actually go forward with their lives.